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Your Local Power Washing Professional in Monroe Township, NJ

Monroe township pressure washing

Let Splash Wash and our team of power washing specialists in Monroe Township overhaul your exterior and surprise you with their ability to rejuvenate and revive your home exterior with a house washing.

Yes, it may sound strange that a service reserved for cars, boats, and motorcycles can also be applied to your Monroe Township, NJ home, but you'll be amazed at the difference in the look and feel once our reliable power washing team gets ready to restore your home to its original glory.

In this changing economy, it makes sense to keep your Monroe Township house market-ready, and there's no better way to craft creative curb appeal than to invest in your home's exterior without costing you time, money, or back-breaking labor by calling SplashWash today!

Family owned and operated; SplashWash Power Wash is committed to offering the best power washing service in the area. With our tremendous attention to detail, our custom-built equipment gets into those challenging surface spots by using professional-grade, top-quality detergents and cleaning agents that are not only completely safe for your Monroe Township family and your property; these power washing services include:

  • Paver restoration
  • Deck cleaning
  • Soft Washing
  • And so much more!

Call On The Pros For Expert Fence Cleaning

Be the envy of your block when the neighbors gather at your next barbecue. A good fence cleaning will make you look like you tossed a fresh coat of paint on your house.

With fence cleaning, you won't be sorry because Splash Wash will:

•Prevent deterioration brought about by algae and mold

•Remove stains and discoloration

• Blast away dirt build-up, insect debris, and spider webs

Perk up your pavers with a power washing

Believe it or not, even your decorative pavers can get dull and dingy, and with the wear and tear of thousands of feet, paver restoration is a must.

Add value to your Monroe Township home by removing the following from your pavers:

  • Motor oil and residue dripping from the undercarriage
  • Weeds in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies
  • Stubborn dirt and grime
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