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Nothing says summer like family, friends, and backyard fun, and with deck cleaning from the most well-known power washing company in Freehold Township, party preparations can be underway sooner than you think.

But first, we need to ditch the dirt. After powerful nor' easters blow their way through backyards and alleyways, grime, gunk, and mushy leaves take up residence in your deck's floorboards and at SplashWash, we're geared up and ready to rejuvenate your Freehold Township deck with a powerful new deck cleaning process to get you party-prepared for a safe and festive summer.

Simply put, we revitalize without a compromise.

Think of us as deck divers. Armed with a power washer and a host of other specialized equipment, we go deep to destroy dirt and debris while making sure we get into every nook and cranny.

By cleaning your relaxation spot, we set the standard for the best deck cleaning and power washing in Freehold Township. After an exhausting week of work, our job is to allow you to lay back on your lounger with your feet up.

With our special three-tiered approach to deck cleaning, we'll:

  • Prevent deterioration brought about by grime, gunk, and leaves
  • Remove stains and discoloration
  • Blast away dirt build-up, insect debris, and spider webs

In no time, you'll be left with inviting surfaces that stand out and shine to its original glory, and SplashWash is the power washing company with the right equipment to get the job done.

With decks as the epicenter of summer evening entertainment, we've worked tirelessly to find the best solution, and we do it fast, efficiently, and effectively, so there's no time lost between your next barbecue.

Just in time for a busy summer, with Freehold Township deck cleaning, your deck will shine so your summer can sizzle.

  • Pump up curb appeal with a fresh overhaul
  • Restore and revitalize your deck's natural beauty
  • Add a much-needed update to your deck's dusty boards

Never one to charge on the first visit, our free estimates make it easy for you to book our SplashWash team who are always armed and ready to tackle the toughest jobs.

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