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Maximize Your Curb Appeal With Exterior Painting From the Pros at SplashWash Power Washing

Exterior painting

Exterior painting is integral for improving the appearance of your home and personalizing it to reflect your style. Locals in Freehold Township know that our team at SplashWash Power Washing is good for more than superb pressure washing, although that’s vital too.

Every good house painting starts with a clean surface, and that’s another task we can expertly execute for you. From the preparation stages to a completed painting job that you’ll love - we do it all.

You’ll appreciate the skill, precision, and attention to detail we invest in your exterior painting job. We always meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and that’s how we continue to earn a high rate of repeat and referral business.

Exterior Painting to Improve the Appearance and Increase the Value of Your Home

Few home improvement projects can pack a punch as an exterior painting will. It’s a relatively quick and cost-efficient way to transform the outward appearance without the hassle and expense of major renovations.

The same can be said for our interior painting - get a whole new look without remodeling your home. So, what if you could update and improve your curb appeal without significant expense or construction work?

Or, maybe all you want to do is freshen up the look. We can use the same color you have, but a fresh coat of paint applied by our experts will make a world of difference.

If you need further convincing, some of the benefits of our house painting work include:

  • Better Protection Against the Elements
  • Discover Existing Repair Needs
  • Increase the Value
  • Raise the Asking Price When Selling
  • Maximize the Longevity of Your Siding

You’ll yield a high rate of return for the cost you invest in a professional paint job. It’s well worth the work as long as you make the smart choice and hire SplashWash Power Washing to do the work.

Protect and Beautify Your Home Sweet Dream Home

House painting and pressure washing go hand-in-hand. Prep work for the outside of your home is the key to success for quality painting.

This is also a valuable task because it may help unearth repair issues that would otherwise be overlooked. Once the surface is cleaned, mended, and ready for painting, we can take care of that too.

Why hire two different professional companies to work on the same job? When you hire our crew, you get the best of both worlds.

We’re proud to be the preferred local pressure washing and painting contractor in the area. Call now to arrange for service from dedicated Freehold Township experts offering exterior painting.

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