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Reasons Why You Need To Wash Your Roof

Roof washing reasons

As silly as it sounds, a clean roof results in an even cleaner house. While roof cleaning may be one of the least obvious and very last chores on your spring-cleaning list, it's one of the most important. Why? Though your roof provides shelter and protection from snow, sleet, and hail, it also invites unwanted debris.

Between leaves, tree branches, dirt, grime, and other debris, these elements all seem to find common ground in nesting in your shingles and soffits. To clean your roof, you need to call a team that excels at pressure washing.

It's a proven fact that if you leave your roof unattended, bacteria, mold, and algae from rotting leaves will continue to wreak havoc. You don't want to deal with continual damage, costly repairs, and unwanted headaches, which is why we offer soft washing for your Freehold Township roof.

Aimed at protecting your shingles while amplifying the appearance of your home, roof cleaning services are becoming more popular, especially as younger couples are more particular about their purchases. Soft washing and roof cleaning go hand in hand, and it's important to remember the three-tiered approach to removal:

  • Prevent shingle deterioration brought about by bacteria and mold
  • Lengthen the life of your roof
  • Brighten your home's exterior by creating envious curb appeal

By expertly blending detergents and using state-of-the-art solutions, pressure washing completely removes all black staining and streaking from your shingles:

  • Eliminating mildew, fungus, and bacteria
  • Removing stains and discoloration
  • Bringing your shingles back to their original look and color

Remember, it's not just a roof; it's your first stop at curb appeal. When you're ready for roof cleaning for your Freehold Township home, then call the soft washing pros at SplashWash today!

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