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When To Have Your Deck Cleaned

When to have deck cleaned

At the first sign of spring, you whip open the garage door, drag out the patio furniture, sling it on the deck and soon realize your once beautiful wooden oasis has turned into a rundown wreck of dirty boards. No worries, expert power washing and deck cleaning will have your deck looking like new in no time.

The methods we use for deck cleaning is safe, natural, and eco-friendly, but also very effective.

Please take a look at the power washing services we provide for your Freehold Township home and then give us a call to set up your free deck cleaning estimate!

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Using a three-tiered approach to deck cleaning, you'll find pressure washing:

  • Prevents deterioration brought about by grime, gunk, and leaves
  • Removes stains and discoloration
  • Blasts away dirt build-up, insect debris, and spider webs

With decks as the epicenter of summer evening entertainment, pressure washing allows for fast, efficient, and effective restoration so that there's no time lost between barbecues.

Deck cleaning dives deep to destroy dirt and debris while making sure every nook and cranny gets power washed and protected. Between professional grade, top quality detergents, cleaning agents, and pressure washing, you're freshly cleaned deck will raise your home's curb appeal.

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